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  • Tim Cummings

Ozark Sawmill Service’s You Tube Channel

Ozark Sawmill Services Youtube Channel Image

Though we started our You Tube channel milling up a few logs with the Woodland Mills 126 sawmill, we are really looking forward to getting things up and running with the Nyle Kiln and the Norwood HD Lumber Max 38. This sawmill will have full hydraulics and will allow for a smoother and more entertaining video.

Our goal is to do at least one video a week milling lumber and other projects that are connected to Ozark Sawmill Services. We will do videos with our Husqvarna 3120 chainsaw cutting down the trees that will be going to the mill. There are many other components to what we do around here. My wife and I also have a business known as The Gathering Place and we have a garden that we grow organically and have a state certified kitchen that we produce our canning products as well as our herbal teas and tinctures for the healing of the body. We also have honeybees that we have been getting 4-5 gallons of honey per year and purposed to increase our apiary.

We will have separate You Tube Channels for the different components. Wayne is also the Project Manager for Meadow Creek that has many projects going on as well. Some of these projects will include lumber from our sawmill business.

So please come along and visit our channels and see what we are all about and get some learning and hopefully entertainment in the process.

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