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  • Wayne Jordan


Progress is being made as we have the cement slab poured for the Wood Drying Kiln and purchased the angle iron to fasten the insulated walls together. We are dealing with a rainy start on Monday morning with a rainy forecast for the week. This may slow down the progress a bit, but we are hopeful and excited. Last week we spent a lot a time putting together the Norwood HD Lumber Max 38 Sawmill and still have a little bit to go to finish. Once we get the band wheels lined up for the blade and a few other odds and ends it will be ready to make some sawdust and then we will begin to consistently make You Tube Videos of us making various types of lumber.

Our goals are to be up and running by the beginning of June. It will give us a month to build the Container and Nyle Kiln and finish up the Norwood Sawmill. We do have some other responsibilities that possibly can push that a bit further, along with having to deal with the weather, but the beginning of June is a good goal to set.

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