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  • Tim Cummings

Update on Ozark Sawmill Services

Updated: Jan 5

Wayne and I (Tim) are in the process of getting the area for the Nyle Wood Drying Kiln’s foundation. Getting the gravel in place and the forms constructed for the cement which is hopefully to be poured next week. Once the cement dries, we should have all the components gathered to begin building the Kiln.

Wayne got a message from Norwood that everything is on track for the HD Lumber Max 38. They didn’t give a date, but it should be delivered before the end of the month. In the meantime, we are still milling lumber with the Woodland Mills 126. I’ve been milling up some 1X8 pine for repairs for the big ole red barn here at Meadow Creek.

May you continue along with us in our new adventure here at Ozark Sawmill Services.

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