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  • Wayne Jordan

Updates and Improvements

June 2, 2022

Well, we have the Norwood HD 38 running and making sawdust. Been milling up Cedar, Pine and some Oak. Tomorrow we will get a good jump on the Nyle Wood Drying Kiln, working on the structure and hopefully not too long from now, be running it and drying up some lumber.

Arriving soon will be a Woodpecker Router Sled that will help us flatten the live edge slabs after being dried in the kiln. We've got a few trees to collect that were knocked down by a storm and some others we need to cut down. The varieties are Walnut, Sycamore, Oak, Hickory, Ash and Cherry.

Ozark Sawmill Services has been putting out videos on our You Tube Channel over the past two to three months. Go check them out and if you would be so kind please Subscribe to the channel. We have a lot of work ahead of us and pray that you come along with us on our journey.

Thanks, and Blessings!!!

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